FMS 1400mm Cessna182 fly Rød RTF

FMS har gitt Cessna 182 en total makeover fra bunnen av. Nå er det virkelig en tro kopi, til og med fult funksjonable navigasjons lys.

  • Material: Durable EPO 
  • Wing Span: 1,410mm ( 55.5in )
  • Length: 1,100mm ( 43.3in )
  • Flying Weight: Around 1,520g 
  • Servo: 9g Servo x6 (With Pre-installed Flap)
  • Landing Gear : Scaled Fixed Landing Gear
  • Motor: 3536-KV900 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
  • ESC: 35A with 4A SBCE- Propeller: 11X9 3 Blade Propeller With Spinner
  • Battery: Li-Po 11.1V 2200mAh 25C
  • Radio: 6 Ch Radio Control  CG Position: 60mm (From Leading Edge)
  • Wing Area: 27d
  • Wing Load: 56.3g/d



The durability of the EPO foam has been further bettered with a high gloss surface finish and factory applied decals.

Stability and predictability are two strong points of this airframe and together with the high power brushless motor, scale 3 blade propeller and long duration LiPo battery, it results in a great trainer and intermediate aircraft.

The wing loading remains wonderfully light, but to add more realistic flight characteristics this model also features scale flaps, they have proved to be great fun and give an extra dimension to the flight envelope.

The budding pilot can easily perform aerobatics such as Stall turns, inverted flight, point rolls, loops and bunts with minimal effort.


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